Welcome to My Military Pages. This site was created to honor my fellow service members in a very practical way. As any military family knows, we move a lot! Every 3-5 years, we enter into a transition period from our current command to a new one. These times can be a bit stressful, and it is my hope that the information contained herein can help alleviate that stress a little.

Initially, this site will just contain a brief synopsis of every US Military base around the world, including base contact information where available. As I continue to develop this site, I intend to add an abundance of resources for each and every base to give you the best picture of what life is like there, as well as helpful information that you may need to know prior to your move. I also intend to facilitate base networking so that you can contact any local service members willing to help you prior to your move.

As we develop, I openly welcome any and all input to help assist in making our information as factual and helpful as possible. If you have served at any of the listed locations and have any helpful tips for incoming members, please feel free to leave a comment, or send me an email via the Contact page.

Again, a very warm welcome! I hope you find this page to be the best resource available on the net for PCS orders. You can begin by using the drop down menus to sort bases by Region, Branch, CONUS/OCONUS, or search for a keyword at the top right. Stop by our News section for the latest armed forces news feed as well!

-Josh, MA2 USN

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